Our Team

Our subject matter experts have extensive experience in their area of specialization through a combination of industry and teaching experience. All hold advanced degrees in their respective discipline and have demonstrated the ability to synthesize and present material in a variety of formats with the aim of engaging students of all levels. In addition, we have an extremely high retention rate and therefore, many of our experts have years of experience with a number of educational technologies and designs, as well as with our production cycle and methodology. ​Our current roster includes:

      • Biologists, chemists, and geologists
      • Business analysts and economists
      • College and secondary school instructors
      • Cognitive neuroscientists
      • Computer programmers and software analysts
      • Electrical, mechanical, chemical, and biomedical engineers
      • Medical doctors, nutritionists, and nurse practitioners
      • Occupational and speech therapists
      • Research and clinical psychologists
      • Technical editors/writers and graphic designers

Chimborazo Publishing is there when you need them…always!! They meet, and many times, exceed all deadlines, deliver A++ quality content, and have access to a wealth of talented writers in a multitude of subject areas. They can handle simple to complex projects, and are always willing to work with you to ensure the needs of your project are met. I highly recommend Chimborazo for any project.”​​

Debra Myette-Flis
Senior Product Manager, Career Education & Training Solutions
Delmar | Cengage Learning