We can create content for any discipline – below are some examples. Please ask about your area of interest!
Computer Science/IT

Computer Graphics ♦ Databases ♦ E-Commerce ♦ MIS ♦ Networking ♦ Mobile Development ♦
Operating Systems ♦ Programming Languages

Health Care

Anatomy and Physiology ♦ Dental Care ♦ Emergency Services ♦ Epidemiology ♦ Health Care Management ♦
Medical Terminology ♦ Nursing ♦ Pharmacology ♦ Radiology ♦ Respiratory ♦ Speech/Sports Therapy

Natural Sciences

Agricultural Sciences ♦ Astronomy ♦ Biology ♦ Environmental ♦ Geology ♦ Nutrition

Social Sciences

Anthropology ♦ Counseling ♦ Criminal Justice ♦ Education ♦ Psychology ♦ Social Work ♦ Sociology


Ethics ♦ History ♦ Philosophy ♦ Political Science

Applied Fields

Automotive Technology ♦ Applied Mathematics ♦ Business Analytics ♦ CAD ♦ Electronics ♦
Engineering ♦ Environmental Design ♦ Legal ♦ Marketing

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chimborazo for over six years. Over the years, both project complexity and volume that we have contracted to Chimbo has grown. Initially, Paul and his team were not familiar with our content and disciplines. They met with us to learn about our markets, our content, our customers, and our concerns; their results indicate that they understood and were more than able to meet our expectations.  I consider them a smart group of great people with high standards.”

Sandy Clark
Director of Learning Solutions
Delmar | Cengage Learning